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Buy Pixels

If you're looking for pixels, pixel ads, pixel advertising you've come to the right place to buy pixels! We've got a million of this little things.

Pixels on The One Million Dollar Page are available in 100 pixel 'blocks', with each block measuring 10x10 pixels. You will see the homepage is divided into 10,000 of these blocks. The reason for selling them in these blocks is because anything smaller than 10x10 pixels would be too small to display anything meaningful.

(However, if you want to own less than 100 pixels - eg. one pixel - you could always club together with family/friends/colleagues and buy a single 10x10 block.)

Each 10x10 block costs US$100, equating to a cost of $1 per pixel. You can buy as many blocks of pixels as you like, as long as there are some available (see the live stats in the top right corner of the page). Please read all of the following Terms and Conditions if you are about to buy some pixels - especially those marked in red.


Wire Transfer

A wire transfer of funds to my bank account is ideal for larger purchases of pixels, eg. $1000 and above. Please e-mail pixels-at-onemilliondollarpage-dot-com if you would like to arrange the purchase of pixels using a Wire Transfer (a 10% deposit via Paypal may be required if you want your pixels to go live faster).


Check out our FAQ for all the answers you'll ever need, and don't hesitate to buy some pixels! You'll get mor bang for your bucks!!!

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